"Our goldendoodle Ruby is 6 years old. When she was 1 1/2, she got sick. She was losing weight and could not get enough to eat. She would manage to get into our cupboards and night and eat whatever she could. At the same time, she was having loose stools constantly. She would wake me up in the middle of the night to let her out. She is such a sweetie that she was trying not to have an accident inside the house! I was worried we were in a race against time to figure out what was wrong with her.


After several visits to the vet and $1000 later, it was determined she has EPI - exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. While I was glad to find the cause and know there was a solution, I was startled at the cost of the supplement when bought through the vet's office. I did research online and found K9 Enzymes™. When comparing the ingredients, I found them to be the same as what I was buying from the vet's office for 1/3 the cost! What a relief!


We have been buying EPI Pro for 4 1/2 years and Ruby is a healthy, happy dog and a huge part of our family. We are so happy for EPIPRO™ and K9 Enzymes™. Thank you!"


Nancy H. -Missouri