"My German Shepherd Kona was diagnosed a few days before her first birthday with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). We had been training since she was 12 weeks old as a volunteer search and rescue team. The cost of the enzymes supplied by my vet was extremely high and I was concerned how we would be able to continue with the costs of our training and keep her healthy.


At an EPI dog event I attended, I won a sample container of your enzymes that you had donated and was able to talk to other dog owners using your product. Kona did great on it and we went on to be certified by the International Police Working Dog association as a scent specific trailing team. We have been using it ever since and to this point in her career she has been able to find and bring home lost gentleman with Alzheimer's and bring closure to several other families. Thank you."


Cheryl R. -Pennsylvania