"Hi. My name is Gwenn. I adopted an 18 month old Cairn Terrier from a rescue in February of 2014. Needless to say it was a very long year. Our boy’s name is Seamus (on the right is his Black Cairn sister "Maggie").  He started to have very loose stools...they were sporadic for several months. By the fall he started to significantly lose weight...we then saw several days of frequent diarrhea, constant begging for food, water drinking, weight loss, and thinning of fur.


Of course we were constantly at the vet. Three vets worked hard puzzling through all the possible scenarios. Seamus had xrays and a ct scan and finally a full abdominal exploratory. The ct showed what may have been a piece of wire in his bowel. In the surgery there was no wire found. After he came home we went though several meds for worms, bacteria, yeasts, and anything else that might cause a bowel disorder. He started on B12 injections. Seamus dropped to a low of 10 pounds even. He became listless and droopy. I knew that he was probably coming to the end. At a final vet visit our vet was literally in a quandary. He was looking down at Seamus with the saddest look on his face when he snapped his fingers and spun around to the computer. In a minute he said, “I think I know what it is!”


A blood test revealed that Seamus was very positive for EPI. We started him immediately on enzymes. Within the first few days he started to pick up and the stools became normal. By the two week check he was gaining weight. In a few months he was back at a normal weight (18 pounds). Also, his demeanor and activity levels came up to a dog we didn’t know! He is a active little guy and a joy in our home.


We found K9 NUTRA after an internet search for enzymes that duplicated the prescription product for a lesser cost. He is now a perfect and healthy, and FURRY, dog. We are so happy that we have found your product. Don’t stop making it!!!! There is a little cairn here in Texas that is depending on you every day! Thanks again!"


Gwen L. -Texas