cause4dogs™ seeks to support dog shelters, rescues and scientific research through financial and material donations and through local and national awareness campaigns. cause4dogs™, Inc is a registered non-profit corporation and is supported through charitable donations and through proceeds from the sale of K9 NUTRA™ products. 501(c)(3) status is currently pending approval.


K9 GEAR STORE (coming soon)

K9 NUTRA™ earns ZERO PROFIT on every K9 GEAR item sold in our store!

ALL PROFITS from the sale of K9 GEAR go to cause4dogs™ to benefit small, local shelters and rescues. To ensure that every dollar you graciously contribute is used only for the direct benefit of dogs in need, distributions are issued only for those items or services essential to life, health and a successful adoption process. Your purchase of any K9 GEAR item, or any donation made to cause4dogs™, will be providing food, shelter, blankets, beds and medication as well as covering the cost of some veterinary services such as spaying and neutering.

The goal is to ensure that every dog we are fortunate to assist is happy, healthy and ready to be adopted into their Forever Home to experience a life of love and kindness. This is made possible only with your kind generosity and continued support, without which we would have little impact. Your contribution, no matter how small, absolutely makes a difference in the lives of these magnificent animals.

From all of us here, our sincerest thanks and warmest regards,