Ensuring A Safe, Fresh Product For Your K9 Family

Our new duoSEAL™ packaging has been specifically designed to ensure product safety, preserve freshness and maintain potency. The inner seal, or “No. 1” seal, is an induction seal that is located directly under the product lid. This is a multi-layer seal that incorporates foil with a paper backing to provide an airtight barrier against contamination and spoilage. The seal is machine applied through heat induction and forms a “melt effect” bond with the container. The seal is very strong and once removed it cannot be replaced which also creates an effective tamper evident seal.

We Are One Of The Only Companies In The USA That Uses This Premium Packaging For Pet Products

The outer seal, or “No. 2” seal, is strictly a tamper evident safety seal that is manufactured into the product label itself as a perforated tear-away. The product labels encompass the entire product container ensuring that the product cannot be opened without first breaking the perforated seal. Any attempt to tamper with the product will be clearly evident by the broken seal as it cannot be reattached once removed.

duoSEAL™ Now Standard On All K9 Canisters & Bottles!