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EPIPRO™ is a high potency, powdered, porcine enzyme concentrate with added probiotic support formulated specifically for use in supplemental enzyme therapy. The inability of some dogs to adequately digest food due to a lack of natural digestive enzymes necessitates the need... [custom_html]Sizes:  8 OUNCE  |  16 OUNCE
Brand: K9 NUTRA™
Packaging: duoSEAL™ CANISTER[/custom_html] [tabs] [tab title="PRODUCT FACTS"]

EPIPRO™ 8 oz (227 g), 16 oz (454 g)

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (3 g) (1 tsp)
Servings Per Container: 75 (8 oz), 150 (16 oz)
Active Ingredients Per Serving
Amylase 475,000 USP Units
Protease 475,000 USP Units
Lipase 65,000 USP Units
Lactobacillus acidophilus 100 Million CFUs

Inactive Ingredients: Maltodextrin.

Allergen Alert: Pork. Discontinue use at any sign of sensitivity.


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ALL DOGS: 1 scoop of EPIPRO™ per cup of food fed

EPIPRO™ 8 OZ Servings Container Will Last
1 Scoop Per Day 75 ~2.5 Months
2 Scoops Per Day 38 ~5.5 weeks
3 Scoops Per Day 25 ~3.5 Weeks
EPIPRO™ 16 OZ Servings Container Will Last
1 Scoop Per Day 151 ~5 Months
2 Scoops Per Day 75 ~2.5 Months
3 Scoops Per Day 50 ~1.5 Months
4 Scoops Per Day 38 ~5.5 Weeks
5 Scoops Per Day 30 ~4 Weeks


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What is the suggested serving size of EPIPRO™ for my dog?

We recommend you begin by providing 1 scoop (1 teaspoon) of EPIPRO™ powder per cup of food fed. Results will typically be evident within the first few uses of EPIPRO™.


How often should I give EPIPRO™ to my dog?

For most all dogs that require enzyme supplementation, EPIPRO™ will need to be given at every meal or as otherwise directed by your veterinary professional.


What is the recommended method for providing EPIPRO™ to my dog?

Place a small amount (~1 tbsp) of room temperature water into your dog’s clean, empty bowl. Add the EPIPRO™ powder and mix well until dissolved. Now add the contents of the meal (kibble, canned food, home cooked, etc..) to the bowl and mix the food with the dissolved enzymes throughly to incorporate. Let sit 10-15 minutes. Mix the meal a final time then serve. Always be sure to provide plenty of fresh water during or immediately after the meal.
Do not feed your dog dry enzyme powder! Always dissolve the powder first, or mix into wet food until dissolved, before serving.


What kind of enzymes are in EPIPRO™?

EPIPRO™ consists of a highly potent blend of porcine (pig) pancreatic enzymes including Amylase, Lipase and Protease with added probiotics for additional gastrointestinal support.


When would my dog need to use a pancreatic enzyme powder like EPIPRO™?

EPIPRO™ Enzyme Concentrate is primarily recommended for dogs that have pancreatic insufficiency or reduced pancreatic activity and would benefit from enzyme supplementation. Your veterinary professional can best determine if EPIPRO™ would be appropriate for use in your dog's dietary regimen.


Is a veterinary prescription required to purchase EPIPRO™ pancreatic enzyme powder?

No prescription is required to purchase EPIPRO™ Enzyme Concentrate.


How does EPIPRO™ compare to other enzyme products such as Viokase-V®, Epizyme™, Pancrezyme®, PancreaPowder Plus™ and PancreaPlus™?

EPIPRO™ is similar in content and has a potency equal to, or greater than, all major market brands. EPIPRO™ has a 2 year shelf life from date of production and is guaranteed to be Made in the USA. 





EPIPRO™ is a high potency, powdered, porcine enzyme concentrate with added probiotic support formulated specifically for use in supplemental enzyme therapy. The inability of some dogs to adequately digest food due to a lack of natural digestive enzymes necessitates the need for supplemental enzymes provided at every meal. EPIPRO™ consists of strong concentrations of Amylase, Protease and Lipase which facilitate the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats thus permitting the subsequent absorption of nutrients through the digestive system to meet nutritional and caloric needs. EPIPRO™ also contains the probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus to further promote a healthy digestive tract and assist in maintaining your dog’s overall digestive health.

  • Easy-to-use, quick-dissolving powder 
  • Fully flexible dosing based on dog’s needs
  • New duoSeal™ packaging on all EPIPRO™ containers
  • Tamper-resistant seal built into packaging
  • Ensures safety and freshness
  • Guaranteed potency up to expiration date



Don’t put your dog’s health at risk — avoid cheap imported enzymes!

EPIPRO™ is the original K9 ENZYMES™ brand pancreatic enzymes for dogs and contains only premium enzymes that are made in the USA to rigorous US standards of quality. Imported enzymes are predominantly INDUSTRIAL enzymes that were never intended for ingestion. You may see them labelled as “Dust Free” which means they are very coarse and unrefined and do not readily dissolve or easily digest. These enzymes are less expensive because they are imported from overseas, mostly from China or via Germany with a Chinese origin, and are intended to be used in various manufacturing capacities. They are typically produced from inferior quality materials and undergo little to no testing which can result in higher rates of heavy metals and other contaminants. 

Imported enzymes are almost always exposed to unfavorable conditions during long periods of transit via sea. They are stored in hot, damp cargo containers and cargo holds for long periods of time. Most alarmingly, they are not labelled or handled as a “Food Product” and are stored with all other types of cargo including chemicals, fertilizers and other hazardous materials not intended for consumption. They may also sit for long periods of time in warehousing at points of origin waiting for transit and customs clearance.

We are now all too familiar with many cases of dogs being sickened and even dying from ingesting cheap and dangerous imported products such as chicken treats, pet food contaminated with melamine and more. Imported enzymes may be slightly less expensive, but the risks are NEVER worth a few dollars savings. Don’t take the chance. Insist your dog get the SAFE & GENUINE USA ENZYMES found in every duoSEAL™ container of EPIPRO™ Enzyme Concentrate!



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Very satisfied

I needed the Epipro almost immediately and via website chat, one of your representative made it happen.

It's the best!

I tried other pancreatic enzymes for my cat and he would not eat the food I put them in. Then my new vet said try this....yay! He is getting better because he's eating the food I put yours in! YAY!!!!


Thank you for all you do. Love the enzymes---they keep my German Shepherd healthy at half the cost of veterinarian prescription enzymes. I would give 5 stars, if the products shipped faster. I'm excited to have enrolled for auto-ship, so it won't be an issue anymore.

EPI PRO saves lives

Your product EPI-PRO is keeping our dog alive. Once diagnosed with EPI, we eventually found your product when the vet told us their prescription medicine was our only choice. This enzyme coupled with a great food brought our dog back to life and he has maintained a great weight. Thank you so much

Love product!

I'm so grateful to have found K9 Nutria's EpiPro. It has saved Tina, my Shepard life.
Thank you so much!